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SEM Projects

This page presents SEM coming projects and visio

SEM main projects on the executive level are the following:

The Website

We are working on the actual website in order to turn it into an Arabic reference for Byzantine Music research and Resources. We expect that the website forum that we are developing will play a major role in this regard.

The Worldwide Association of Byzantine Youth Choirs

This association shall gather Byzantine choirs from all over the world. It aims at insuring the continuous communication and synergy between these choirs. It aims as well at organizing worldwide concerts for these choirs to develop their professional CV and image.

It is generally easy for a choir to organize concerts at its home country yet it is very difficult to perform abroad. Therefore, each choir will organize recitals at its home country while ensuring accommodations for the other choir. Each performing choir will pay its own travel tickets and visas and the hosting choir will ensure the accommodation and the recital organization. The returns of the recital, if any, are distributed between the two choirs upon a previous agreement.

The Liturgical Media Program in Arabic

SEM has been recording a large quantity of Byzantine liturgical chants. The aim is to ensure a continuous broadcast on many TVs, Radios, and websites, featuring the daily Orthodox prayers performed by a professional choir.

The approval of two local Radios, one local TV and one internet radio has already been taken for the project.

SEM's main projects on the institutional level are the following:

The Accreditation

SEM aims at getting an accreditation by a Greek conservatory whereas SEM graduated students would get a Greek diploma in Byzantine Music after passing only one exam in Greece.

The building

SEM has finished designing its own building project. The Archdiocese has already appropriated the land for the project. SEM is now raising funds to turn this dream into a reality to continue the renaissance of Byzantine Music in Antioch.

The Conservatory

After moving to the new building, SEM plans to turn the Byzantine School into a comprehensive conservatory teaching all music courses.


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