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Complete Books

Books Published by SEM for sale. Some of this
material is downloadable for free; the other is for
sale in order to insure the continuity of the work.

SEM has prepared several books, yet it did not publish any of them yet.

SEM books are the grouped as follows:

Academic Books

These are books used in teaching Byzantine Music.
They are basically the curriculum books.
These books have been completed years ago. We are now typing them and translating them to English. With God's help we intend to make them available for free very soon.

Literature Books

These are books that address subjects related to Byzantine music and to the practice of chanting.
SEM is preparing now a book that groups around 20 articles on Byzantine Music. Some of these articles is published on this website.

Byzantine Music Books

These are books that encompass scores of Byzantine music in Arabic, English, French, and Greek. Usually these books encompass the texts of the lyrics in separate parts.
SEM has already composed thousands of Byzantine Music pages. The focus is now made on their typing. We will post them as soon as they are accomplished in the page of the Music Scores and Recordings. Then when a book will be completed we will post it in this page.

Books will be announced soon. Keep visiting us for new information.


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