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How & Where to Purchase SEM Products

What are SEM offers? Where can you find SEM products?
Original Ideas for distinguished gifts to your

When you buy a SEM product you participate in funding SEM's projects for the benefit of the church.

You can read in this page:

What are SEM products that you can purchase?

SEM offers for sale the following items:

  1. Audio CDs: (Read more)
    Containing Byzantine chants performed professionally by SEM international choir.
  2. Video DVDs: (Read more)
    Containing recordings of concerts, TV programs, and Liturgical Services performed by SEM choir.
  3. Books: (Read more)
    Containing liturgical and prayer material related to SEM recordings.

What are SEM Products Main Functionalities?


SEM products are mainly spiritual products.
Purchase CDs and DVDs to pray while listening to their spiritual content
You can listen to these recordings everywhere: at home, in the car,...
Purchase Books to be able to participate more while listening to CDs or to use them in your parish's prayers to follow the services.


SEM CDs and collections constitute a very special and original gift.
SEM covers have a very special Byzantine professional design.
Their content is very professional.
People from all backgrounds value these products always.
You can increase the budget as much as you want by adding more products.
SEM collections have a very special packaging. (see below)


Buy SEM recordings for their musical value
SEM recordings have a very high musical value that is always appreciated by people from all backgrounds as a cultural product.
Complete collections of SEM products will add a lot to your musical library

SEM COLLECTIONS (will be available soon

The Collection of Byzantine Services is a complete collection of Orthodox services (Liturgy, Matins, Vespers, Akathist, ...)
The Collection of the Holly Week is a complete collection of the services of the Holy Week till Easter.
The Collection of Feasts of the Virgin is a complete collection of the services of the Holy Virgin.
These collections are mostly important for those who live abroad and don't have access to church.

How to Purchase through SEM's Website?

How to Order?

Ordering includes the following 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Ordering
    You can order by simply sending us an email on the following address: sales@semlebanon.org The email should encompass the following information:
    1. Your complete name (for our records)
    2. Your complete address (for the delivery)
    3. The items you are ordering (with a clear reference to each item)

  • Step 2: Setting the Costs
    You will then receive an email from us to:
    1. Confirm what are the available items in our inventory
    2. What is their price
    3. What is the cost of their delivery to your address

  • Step 3: Confirming the Payment
    Then you will have to pay us the specified amount through any valid payment modality (check below: "How to pay?").
    And then you have to send us an email confirming the payment and its reference for us to be able to check it.

How to Pay?

You can pay us through any valid modality of payment:

  1. Western Union (or any other similar company)
    This is the normal and most used way of payment for our products. It is available for purchasers in Lebanon and abroad.
    You can check all details of this payment tool at the website: www.westernunion.com.
    The transfer should be made to the following location:
    Lebanon, Beirut, Ashrafieh, Sassine Square
  2. Credit Card online payment (will be operational soon)
    You cannot pay us through credit card for the time being. Yet, this possibility will be operational soon as we set a secure way to achieve it.
  3. Bank Transfer
    This way is only available for amounts exceeding US$100.

How to Collect the Products?

Products will be sent to you by mail or by taxi (if you are living in Lebanon).

How to Purchase SEM Products through other Websites Abroad?

You can purchase SEM products from the website: www.kelfar.net as well and get SEM products from the USA if the transportation costs from the USA are cheaper then they are from Lebanon.

Where to Find SEM Products in Lebanon?

(We will soon publish a list of our points of sales all over Lebanon.)


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