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Akathistos Hymns
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Our success story

RF Michel Saba, the Antiochian Orthodox Priest in Cyprus, had finished a new translation of the Akathist hymn to Arabic. Bishop George (Khodor) ordered that all churches of the Archdiocese of Mount Lebanon use this new translation. So we had to put it into music and record it and make it available for parishes in order to learn its melody to be able to chant it at churches.

As for the recording, we wanted to try to have a studio recording this time, even though the recording costs will be very high (for us). We chose to go to the most professional studios in town regardless of their fees’ rates. We just wanted to have the maximum recording experience. So we recorded the voice of RF Pandeleimon (Farah) at Studio Joe Baroudjian then recorded the choir at Studio Tony Farah. We learned a lot of these recordings in terms of editing… especially with the help and teaching of Mr Toni Farah.

The recording of the Akathist Hymns shows an unusual harmony between Antiochian chanters chanting as one choir. The human Isson is so perfect in the recording that the listener would think that is performed by an organ.

For the first time, in this CD, the Antiochian covers encompass historical information. An introduction describing the siege of Constantinople, when the Akathist hymn was first chanted, was included in the cover which transformed it from a simple prayer CD to a historical and cultural CD. This was the first step in the market penetration to the non Orthodox audience. The texts of the cover were beautifully translated and monitored by Mrs. Nina Hajj.

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