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Implorations (Paraklisis) To St. George
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With Reverend Father Pandeleimonos (Farah)

"The Believers, Martyrs of Christ stand in front of the throne and in front of the Lamb" (Revelation 7:9) in Heavens. They are the "the letter written by Christ Himself and sent by us. It is written, not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, and not on stone tablets but on human hearts." (2 Cor. 3:3).

The Bible teaches us that the Saints who are in Heaven pray for their brothers. Elisha could not divide the Jordan River waters until he "stuck the water with Elijah's cloack and called the name of Elijah" (2 Kings 2:14). In the New Testament, John proclaims that God keeps his promises to the Saints and listens to their pleas. "Another angel, who had a gold incense container, came and stood at the altar. He was given a lot of incense to add to the prayers of all Saints and to offer it on the gold altar that stands before the throne." (Rev. 8:3).

Each person can raise his or her prayers to any one of the people of Heavens, whether these people are proclaimed Saints of not. In the community worship, the church implores those who were proclaimed Saints.

On a finat note, we should not forget the Christ is our only redeemer. No salvation can be without him. Angels and Saints do not save us, but intercede for us, and are around Him and guard Him. They communicate to the Lord the pleas and prayers of their brothers who share the worship with them.

Our success story

This is the first Byzantine Arab (and maybe Worldwide) recoding performed by women who are not nuns. The aim was to encourage women to learn Byzantine music by showing them that they have a professional role and place and chance in this discipline even if they were not nuns.

This recoding shows for the first time professional women Arab Byzantine soloists excelling in Byzantine music on a worldwide level. We should mention here Mrs. Marylin Akkawi who added a lot by her voice and professionalism to the choir.

The recording was done as well at the Annunciation Church (Jal El Deeb) with our own unprofessional means.

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