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The Divine Liturgy
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With Reverend Father Pandeleimonos (Farah)

The present recording contains hymns and prayers of the Divine Liturgy service according tot Saint John Chrysostom (end of the fourth century). The sequence of this recording is that presently adopted at the Antiochian Church during our century. The service is offerend in the Arabic language.

During the Divine Liturgy, the Thanksgiving Sacrament takes place where Gifts are changed by the Holy Spirit into the precious and Holy Blood of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ who redeemed us by his Blood and therefore saved us. With these offerings, believers are united to one another and to the Holy Body of Christ as one churhc for the forgiveness of sins and for eternal life.

Note: The present recording contains hymns of the Divine Liturgy, excluding the Thanksgiving Sacrament; thus, the simple listening to this recording cannot replace the participation to the Divine Litrugy.

The sentences: "Take, eat, this is my Body, which is broken for your, for the forgiveness of sins", and "Dring ye all of this; this is my Blood for the New Testamenet, which is shed for you and for many for the forgiveness of sins" are omitted from this recording, to remind believers of the need to go to church to participate to the Divine Liturgy and eat the Holy Body and Blood of Jesus, to obtain salvation and forgiveness of sins.

Our success story

This is probably the first professional recording we had. With this recording we started having offers from National known producers and distributers in Lebanon. SEM became known on the National level. Non committed Orthodox people became interested in our recordings and they started playing them in their homes as cultural recordings. They were proud of them in front of their visitors…

Read the full story...

1. The Great Litany - (05:09)
2. The First Antiphon - (07:48)
3,4. The Second Antiphon - (02:57)
5,6. The Third Antiphon and the Little Entrance - (04:33)
7. The Trisagion Hymn - (02:38)
8. Reading from the Epistle and Alleluia - in the second tone. Recited by Jean El Khal (04:40)
9. The Holy Gospel - (04:12)
10. The Cherubic Hymn - (10:16)
11. Litanies at the beginning of the Liturgy - (06:55)
12-14. "Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Trinity, One in essence and Undivided" - (12:43)
15,16. Communion Hymns - (08:48)
17-22. The Dismissal - (08:28)

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