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SEM's Concepts of Byzantine Concerts

What are the innovative concepts that SEM brought in?
Learn some tips for preparing a successful concert's programs

SEM concerts are known for their original structure and concepts.

This page helps to inspire particularly persons who are in charge of preparing Byzantine concerts' programs.

Usually Byzantine concerts are composed from a compilation of traditional chants presented one after the other with few interruptions by some meditations' readings, etc.

SEM brought first of all some simple touches that distinguished its concerts:

Concerts' Subjects

SEM always has a theme for its concerts. For example:

  • The Living Musical Tradition of a Certain Feast
    In such concerts, the audience would track the evolution of the melodies of the feast's chants through composers over ages.
  • The Dissection of ThemesIn such concerts, the audience would track the evolution of the story or of the theme. For example: In a Paschal concert, a First part would address fasting chants, a Second the Nymph's chants, the Third the passion, and the fourth Easter.

Choirs Alterations

SEM's general form of concert starts with the males choir chanting, then, a second part of the concert is reserved to the female choir... then the concert would end with both choirs chanting together in a grandiose scene.

Emphasis on Solos

SEM emphasizes on solos in order to break the monotony in the eyes of the uninitiated audience.

New Byzantine concerts' concepts presented by SEM are the following:


In this form, liturgical texts that encompass dialogues are grouped in scenes. The music composition and distribution of the roles between the mail choir, the solos, and the female choir emphasizes the alterations between the speakers of the text.

Narrative Concerts

In this form, liturgical texts that encompass clear narrations are grouped and organized according to a chronological evolution. The music composition emphasizes the evolution of the story in the text.

Musical Dialogues Concerts

SEM is the pioneer in combining traditional types of music in a new authentic and harmonious style. This is the case with the Byzantine - Syriac combination and dialogue. SEM started a new style of music with this combination.

Research Concerts

Research concerts start with a small lecture presenting the historical aspects of the concert's chants, then follows the concert.

- Original Texts' Concerts

This type of concerts is totally innovative. We shall present it once we end the production of the "Abana" our father recording that will be the first recording that follows this type of composition in Byzantine Music.


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