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SEM Choir in International Movies

About SEM choir participation in international movies

SEM participated in a number of short and long movies that were presented in international festivals.Some of these films are the following:


(ALGIERS-BEIRUT: A SOUVENIR) by Merzak Allouache (1998)

Franco-Lebanese journalist Laurence (Fabienne Babe), who left Beirut in 1975 when the civil war began, returns and runs across Rachid (Georges Corraface), whom she knew in Algiers. They wander about, visit Baalbek, discuss politics, and get romantic. Laurence listens to Rachid's reasons for self-exile and plans to pack him off to Paris. Shown at the 1998 Locarno Film Festival.

In this international movie that won international prizes, SEM choir is seen chanting at the church of Mtaileb.

This movie has won several international prizes and has been broadcasted many times on the cultural international TV channel ARTE.

The New York Times

The 5th Lesson

By Philip Skaff (2006)

This short movie addresses the situation and in the Orient after September 11. It won the first price at the festival of Tanja for short movies. In this movie SEM choir shows chanting at the church of Jbeil.


The One Man Village

By Simon El Habre (2008)

Semaan is leading a quiet life on his farm in the small village of Ain al-Halazoun in the Lebanese mountains. The hamlet was completely emptied and destroyed in combats during the civil war in Lebanon between 1975 and 1990. Today, many years after an official reconciliation, its inhabitants, who are all from one family, regularly go back to the village to cultivate their plots of land or visit their houses and always leave before sunset. In his comforting and humorous film Simon El Habre observes the life in his quasi ghost village and tries to reflect on the collective and individual memory in a country that seems to live in a collective amnesia and is vulnerable to a new civil war.

This movie won several international prizes.
In this movie audio tracks from SEM are used.

The One Man Village - awards


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