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The Summer Camp

About the Byzantine music camp that SEM organizes
yearly for teaching Byzantine Music in condensed programs.

Learning Byzantine Music on a Fast Track

The Summer Camp that SEM organizes yearly is an opportunity to learn Byzantine Music on a fast track. The summer camp encompasses 12 hours of Byzantine Music classes that are the equivalent of 1 complete trimester at SEM.


In addition to the general acceptance condition at SEM to be 15 years old, an additional condition imperative to be accepted in the music camp:

In order to be accepted at the camp a minimum knowledge of Byzantine music is requested. Camper should have taken at least one course in Byzantine Music before coming to the camp.

Only students who want to register in the isson course can register without any previous knowledge of Byzantine music. (Check the Isson course page)

Students form outside Mount Lebanon

The benefit of this camp is that it allows students from outside Mount Lebanon, i.e. those who live in far places, to attend the camp and benefit from SEM special experience in teaching and chanting.


Students of the camp have the choice between:

  1. Sleeping at the camp
    The aim of this camp is not having an experience with nature but focusing on learning Byzantine Music. This is why, our camps are always done in buildings surrounded by beautiful nature conditions, but never in tents. All accommodation facilities are available for hot water bathes, etc.
  2. Sleeping outside the camp
    Nevertheless, students can choose to sleep at their homes or anywhere outside the camp. The main issue is that they be present at the camp early in the morning with the beginning of classes.

Registration Fees

Registration fees are always the lowest fees possible. They intend to cover the fees of the camp only; teachers and animators are not remunerated. Part of the costs are covered by donations.

Camping Days

Camping days are only Friday till Sunday. In other words, working students will have to miss only one day that is Friday from their work. This is very feasible especially in summer.


The remaining time at the camp that is not covered by lessons, eating, sleeping, or rest, is always animated by professional animators with activities that always make students have fun as they have never had: outdoor activities, karaoke, musical chanting nights, etc.


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