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The New Curriculum

Vol 3. The Scales and Modes of the Byzantine Music

How the new curriculum does teach students to
master the interpretation of the Byzantine intervals
and the reading of the complex gorgon derivative
signs? What is the new analytical method to analyze
Byzantine modes and theories all about?

In this Volume the modes and scales are studied in deep details.

Modes are studied according to an original scientific new analysis method that defines the modes and the changes in modes on the basis of their basic notes and phrases.

All details of the intervals are studied and performed.

All Isson rules and intervals gravity are studied with all their theories in each mode.

Theories of Digorgon and Iphesis and Diesis derivatives are exposed.

Gorgon derivatives are taught by forms, because chanters are usually used to gorgon derivatives in certain forms; every time they see a form, they interpret it as they used to do.

Large byzantine rhythms are explained and interpreted.


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